Homoeopathy is rapidly regaining popularity around the world as an alternative option to conventional medicine for the treatment of many conditions which conventional medicine only has limited effect in. Homeopathy is also useful at times as a complementary therapy when the effects of conventional treatment can be supported or mitigated as the case may be.

Our Homoeopath treats patients for a wide range of conditions. As with any therapy homeopathy has certain limitations in which conditions it can treat but it is probably true to say that it is one of the therapies with the broadest scope in terms of the range of illnesses it can treat as well as the severity of pathology being suffered. It is particularly useful in a whole range of conditions for which conventional medicine either has nothing to offer or offers only palliative approaches of ‘symptom control’ or ‘disease management e.g. allergic complaints, eczema, asthma, arthritis, mental illness, digestive problems etc.

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from source substances derived from all three of nature’s kingdoms, vegetable, mineral and animal as well as from the realm of energy where medicines have been produced from different forms of radiation for example. The standardized process of ‘potentisation’ involving repeated serial steps of dilution and succussion by which all homeopathic medicines are prepared renders all original source materials innocuous to the human system.